Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swimsuit Update

In all seriousness, I need a new swimsuit for the summer season.

In the past, I’ve been a big fan of the skirted tankini because I had a lot to hide. Now that I’ve lost some weight, I thought I might try on a one piece. I found an old suit of mine that has been in storage for years and it fit! I got brave and threw it in my pool bag last night when we went to the YMCA for family swim.

Hubby’s first comment when he saw me come out of the locker room was, “Why did you decide to wear that?”

My response was, “I DON’T KNOW??!!!???”

I panicked thinking that I looked like a fat blob, but he later commented, “You look really good in that suit.”

I was a little more confident after that compliment, but that moment of euphoria was shattered when I had a Janet-Jackson-Superbowl-Wardrobe-Malfunction in the pool. Now I remember with shocking clarity why this particular swimsuit was in storage.

The search is on for the perfect swimsuit and I’ll definitely be trying on some suits to get an idea of my size and the perfect style for me. Then, I’ll probably be checking out this incredibly awesome website that I found. The prices are fantastic, there are coupon codes available, and best of all, the swimsuit models on this website look like REAL WOMEN.

I love it!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swimsuit Season

I just finalized our flight arrangements for our trip to Florida in June. We’re just visiting my Dad, but he has an in-ground pool and lives ten minutes away from the beach, so I’ll be spending more than my fair share of time in a swimsuit while we are there.

The good news is that I’ve lost a total of 31 pounds since this time last year. The bad news is that I have another 15 pounds to lose before I’ll be entirely confident being seen in a swimsuit.

Since my swimsuit from last season is obviously too big, I have to buy a new one. I’ve been researching the best swimsuit style for my body type and I’ve decide that this is the one:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advice From A Cool Dude

Now that David is talking non-stop, I’ve realized that my cutie-pie has a lot on his mind. I thought I might share the best of our conversations so far this week:


David: (pointing to my scalp) “Mommy, keep it on.”

Mommy: “Keep what on?”

David: “Hair.”

Mommy: “Keep my hair on?”

David: “Yeah!”

Daddy: “Is he poking fun at my receding hairline?”


Mommy: “David, are you a dude?”

David: “No. I cool dude!”


Mommy: “David, if you take your motorcycle to school, you have to share it with Josh.”

David: “No.”

Mommy: “Then leave your motorcycle in the car.”

David: “No.”

Mommy: “Then you better be ready to share it with Josh.”

David: “No. Josh go car.”


To sum it all up, I’m getting Rogaine for Women for Mother’s Day and if I don’t want to share it with a friend, I should just leave my friend in the car. Of course, that’s what a cool dude would do.