Friday, October 26, 2007

In Pursuit of Baby #2

Daddy told Mommy that he might like a Baby #2.

Mommy would love a Baby #2.

The household budget has no love for Baby #2.

Mommy’s ideas to make the Baby #2 Project financially solvent:

Option #1:

Sell our four-bedroom house and use the profits to purchase a three-bedroom trailer home with no mortgage loan. Mommy quits her job and becomes SAHM, eliminating the costs of clothing and transportation. Mommy and babies cuddle all day. Dinner is ready when Daddy arrives home from work.

Option #2:

Find an excellent home-daycare provider that is dirt cheap and works for the love of babies rather than a need to pay bills. Miracle Daycare Woman will agree to provide a tax identification number so Mommy and Daddy can continue to claim the Childcare Tax Credit for the measly dollars they pay her each year. While Mommy and Daddy are at work, Miracle Daycare Woman cuddles babies and teaches them to count in French.

Option #3:

Mommy and Daddy win the lottery. No need for the Mega Millions jackpot, the Classic Lotto would be more than enough. Mommy and Daddy pay off the mortgage, remodel the house, and buy a new Dodge Caravan with Stow’N’Go seating. Mommy and Daddy invest remaining millions and live off the dividends. Mommy and Daddy quit their jobs and cuddle babies all day. (This plan is also financially solvent for Baby #3 and Baby #4.)

Vote for your favorite Baby #2 plan or share a plan of your own.

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Anonymous said...

Baby #2 came as a surprise to us last year. When I say surprise, I mean we had no idea how we would afford it. We felt God would provide. He certainly did! My husband got a new job a few months after he was born. Really baby #2 is not nearly as big of a change financially as baby #1.