Friday, January 23, 2009

Difficult Decisions

Little King David has been in the same daycare center since he was 8 weeks old. His former infant teacher calls herself “his grandmother.” He is the teacher’s pet in the toddler class. He has a best friend in his classroom that he hugs goodbye at the end of the day.

Imagine my dismay when I realized now is the time that we need to move David to a new daycare center!

There is another child at this daycare center that is a challenge for the teachers to manage. Biter Boy constantly runs off, ignores their instructions, and hurts other children. The hurting other children part is what bothers me, and the hurting David part is what bothers me most. Biter Boy is the child that was biting David a few months ago.

Wednesday morning, I dropped David off at daycare. As I was leaving, I saw Biter Boy run up behind him, knock him to the ground, and lay on his head. Needless to say, David was hysterical and Mommy was late for work.

Not surprisingly, Daddy was livid. He worked from home on Thursday so David could stay home while Mommy sorted things out with the daycare Director.

The daycare Director informed me that I was exaggerating when I told her that David was “injured” by Biter Boy because he was able to get up and walk away after the incident. She also told me that Biter Boy’s behavior has improved since the biting incidents and there must be something about David that encourages Biter Boy to pick on him. She also reminded me that David is not a perfect little angel and he must have hit someone in daycare at one time or another, although his teachers have never notified me of that behavior. She assured me that she has seen children in the past that have much more severe behavior problems than Biter Boy.

I wonder how she would feel if I knocked her to the floor and sat on her head?

David will only be attending this daycare for one more short week.

Bye Bye, Biter Boy and Child-Hating Daycare Director!!!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

It DOES NOT matter if something about David provokes another child at daycare. The issue is that Biter Boy is not controlled by the adults present and therefore represents a threat to other children. That director needs to be doing some classroom observation to see whether or not the teachers are able to do their job in not only teaching children, but keeping them safe. Instead she wants to place blame. Nice. Real mature.

Thanks for your comment on my play dough post! I'm not too worried about her eating the play dough, since it's homemade with edible ingredients. And please, please! Do not grind the play dough into my carpet!

Lynette said...

I say knock her on her ass and sit on her head. That was awesome! I remember reading in the past that you've had issues with the director. I think you've made a great decision for both you and David. Now that he's older I am sure he will adjust quickly. I wish you both the best of luck.

PBandJ said...

So sorry to hear about the issues at daycare. It will be hard to move to another daycare, but it will ultimately be for LKD's own safety and Mommy and Daddy's peace of mind. Too bad mean, undisciplined kids have to share such a nice daycare center :( And too bad the director seems to be rather uncompassionate about the situation; she does not seem to want your business and she really does not deserve it.