Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gift Idea for Dads

For this week’s edition of Works For Me Wednesday, hosted by Rocks In My Dryer, I’d like to share the most brilliant idea for a birthday gift that I have ever had and possibly the best idea I could ever hope to have in my lifetime.

Do you crumble under the pressure of trying to think of the most spectacular and unforgettable birthday gift ever? I do and that’s why I was shocked that I thought of the following project for the kids to gift to my dear Hubby on his 40th birthday (out of respect for him, I won’t tell you how long ago we did this).

Our family purchased our first camcorder shortly before his birthday, so the kids decided to make a movie for him. They based it on a news broadcast and wrote a script for news anchors, reporters, and witnesses. We set up a news desk in the basement and the kids made posters to announce each news segment. The news segments included The Life of Dad, All About Dad, My Memories of Dad, and Life Lessons from Dad. The kids took turns interviewing each other and the results were hilarious.

Some of the most memorable excerpts from the news broadcast include:

When youngest daughter was asked to name Dad’s favorite movie, she said, “Dad loves XXX.” She meant the action movie staring Vin Diesel, not porn.

When asked the most important thing Dad ever told her about life, youngest daughter stated, “Man that goes to bed with itchy butt wakes up with smelly finger.”

The kids had just gotten a new kitten, so you can hear the cat meowing loudly in the background because she was locked out of the room during filming. As the camera fades out from scene to scene, you can hear oldest daughter screaming, “Someone make that stupid cat shut up already!” She evidently didn’t know that we were still recording.

The news broadcast included commercials for products that Dads might like, such as air freshener for farts and miracle couch cushions that bounce back into shape automatically after teenagers lounge all over them.

Unexpected breaking news interrupted the broadcast when youngest daughter accidentally poked oldest daughter in the eye. We later interrupted the scheduled programming to report that oldest daughter would not require medical attention and that the sisters had called a truce for Dad’s sake.

We gave the DVD to my husband for his 40th birthday and it is still a great source of amusement for him and a tremendous source of embarrassment for our girls.

That’s What Worked For Me!

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment with ideas for Christmas gifts for dads! After 8 years of marriage, my mind is blank. What should I get for hubby this year?


Kristin said...

Great idea - our kids would love to do this.

Desiree' said...

That is awesome. Love the commercial idea! :)

GiBee said...

Very cute idea!

Hairline Fracture said...

That is such a cute idea. Our kids are too little to do it justice now, but when they are old enough it will be a great gift.

CityStreams said...

This year we're shopping for ourselves. We're buying the presents before Dec 1st and I'm wrapping them ASAP. Then we'll have forgotten what we got ourselves by Christmas day and we'll be surprised! Extra bonus: no standing in the exchange lines after Christmas :o)

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

That is a wonderful idea!!!

Loving Our Homeschool said...

Very fun idea!

My kids and I made my hubby his own daily "flip" desk calendar for Father's Day last year. The kids drew pics or put messages on some of the pages and we put photos on a lot of the pages. This Christmas one thing he's getting is a "You 'da Dad" Daily Calendar from here sounds like I have a thing for calendars. I really don't, he's just hard to buy for! LOL

Laane said...

I love your idea!

It's fun for all those involved.

Feel welcome to visit my tip ::here::