Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here, There and Everywhere

As a new parent, I’ve made some important discoveries regarding baby gear:

*The baby weighs 17 pounds and the accompanying baby gear weights 1.7 tons

*Baby gear multiplies in the dark

*Even though Baby has his own bedroom, baby gear will appear in every single room of the house

*Each item of baby gear will only be developmentally appropriate for baby for a maximum of three months

Right now, our house looks like Babies R Us on steroids. In an effort to make space for Mommy and Daddy, Mommy decided to put some of the baby gear that we’re not using anymore into storage. For clarification, storage is not an off-site garage. Storage is not in the basement or the attic. Storage is simply a large, spider-free closet on the second floor of our house.

Mommy gathered up a few items that Baby is not using anymore...

The battery-operated swing that she bought for $10 at a garage sale
...which was later replaced by an A/C powered swing that Mommy and Daddy bought for $120 and Baby refused to use. The exersaucer that Baby loved until he realized that he was confined against his will.
Since Mommy and Daddy started considering Baby #2, just the possibility that the baby gear would be used again allowed Mommy to part with these items that were such strong reminders of Baby’s infancy.

But Daddy protested. Not screaming, hollering, angry protesting. Just quiet, sad, on-the-verge-of-tears protesting.

Daddy is not quite ready to let Baby grow up.

So, the baby gear remains.

Where are we going to put our Christmas tree??

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