Monday, November 19, 2007

Party Planning

The Company Holiday Party: Then & Now

We just got an invitation in the mail for Daddy’s annual company Holiday party. For $10 per person, we can attend a formal dinner with dancing and a cash bar. It sounded like a great reason to squeeze into a party dress and brush my hair, until I realized how complicated this endeavor could be.

Before Baby, the annual company party would go a little something like this:

*RSVP by deadline
*Shop for new dress
*Make hair appointment
*Go to party
*Dance, laugh, eat
*Don’t drink too much
*Go home
*Sleep until noon the next day

After Baby, the annual company party will be a little something like this:

*RSVP tentatively
*Search closet full of dresses and pick one that accentuates baby fat the least
*Pout because all the dresses make Mommy look fat
*Realize that Mommy and Daddy are leaving Baby with a sitter for the first time
*Feel guilty while scheduling the sitter
*Pump breastmilk before the party
*Prepare bottles
*Nurse baby
*Get dressed
*Kiss Baby goodbye
*Baby spits up
*Change clothes
*Go to party
*Dance, laugh, and eat quickly
*Pump breastmilk in the car
*Don’t drink
*Go home early
*Nurse baby
*Put Baby to bed
*Consider sex
*Choose sleep instead
*Feed Baby again at 2:30am

Sounds like a celebration!!!

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SAHMmy Says said...

Funny post, and so true! I'm trying to decide if a night out with my husband's coworkers is really worth all the effort!