Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Can you recall a time when you felt like everything was about to come crashing down around you? Some days, I take a look at my life and wonder why I was in such a rush to grow up.

Hubby and I are feeling the pinch lately. This summer, we are remodeling the bathroom, replacing the roof, fencing the backyard, and replacing the driveway. Since we obviously have cash to spare, now would be a great time for the car to need service. Miraculously, the muffler went on our sedan this weekend. The baby doesn’t mind because he loves vroom vrooms and the Saturn sounds like a stock race car now, but it seems to be getting on Daddy’s nerves just a little bit.

So, the Baby Addict is desperate for cash and that’s what led me to discover Pay Per Post. You already know how much I love to blog in my spare time, so doesn’t it seem appropriate that I should get paid for the hobby that I love?

Pay Per Post is a legitimate website that connects blog writers to advertisers. Bloggers do not pay a fee to join and never pay a fee to participate. All assignments are voluntary and you choose how often you accept an assignment. Personally, I created my Pay Per Post account about six months ago, but I was too lazy to post anything until now. Now that I’m desperate for cash, I’ll be paid $20 for this post and the funds will be sent directly to my Paypal account. How easy is that?

And there is no reason for my bloggy readers to fear that my blog will become a billboard because Pay Per Post requires each assignment to be preceded and followed by a post consisting of normal content. That means that you will be assured to find the usual ramblings here that you have come to expect from me.

Feel free to visit the Pay Per Post website and learn more for yourself!


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