Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now that Autumn is quickly approaching, it is often still dark in the morning while we get ready for work and daycare.

This morning, as Little King David sat at the kitchen table happily munching on his ritual French Toast breakfast, he frantically began shouting my name.

David: “Mama! Mama! Mama!”

David is pointing frantically out the window.

Mama: “What is it David? What do you see?”

David: “Moon” he replies.

Mama: “I don’t see the moon. Where do you see the moon?”

David: “Ni – Nights”

David is gently reminding his mother that it is still dark outside, therefore, we should still be asleep.

Mama wonders why David doesn’t have this same epiphany each evening at bedtime?


Lynette said...

Kids can be so smart when they want to.

PBandJ said...

I would love for Little P to look at the moon and think Ni-nights... Instead he just thinks about jumping up to get it. Ahhh, our little astronauts!