Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Real Baby Addict

One of my favorite bloggers, Lynette at A Day In The Life of Ordinary, asked me when I am going to share some photos from my recent makeover. I suppose she’s intelligent enough to realize that the photos from the makeover reveal are not an accurate depiction of my appearance in real life. Once the hair stylists and makeup artists left, I was all on my own. I actually have to dress myself everyday.

My bloggy friend is correct in her assumption that I don’t really look like my profile photo everyday. That photo was a professional portrait that was taken on the exact date that I had my hair makeover. In my defense, I also had a facial at the salon that day and didn’t have time to go home and put on any makeup before our family portrait appointment. So maybe that’s not my everyday hair, but that is my everyday face!

Per Lynnette’s request, I will eventually share some photos of the everyday Baby Addict.


It’s not likely to happen in the very near future simply because I avoid the side of the camera that takes pictures. I love to aim and shoot but I don’t really like to pose.

But I promise that you will be the first folks to see my new photos next time I let someone take a picture of me.

Just don’t hold your breath that it will happen anytime soon!

P.S. in my defense, this is what happened last time I let my husband touch the camera:


PBandJ said...

How lovely! I try to post pics of myself as little as possible because they tend to be scary, even if they aren't meant to be...

Lynette said...

Whoa - that last picture looks like I'm going to get smacked. {Ducking!} You're too funny. And yet I will still continue to bug you for pictures. So really, I'm your favorite - you made me blush! You aren't too bad yourself girl.