Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Translator Wanted

After a long day of work, daycare, and endless errands, we finally settled in around the kitchen table to eat our Chinese take out last night after 7:00pm, which is well after Little King David’s normal dinnertime.

About half-way through the meal, David insisted on holding hands with Mommy and Daddy. We thought he wanted to pray again and we were proud of ourselves for raising such a holy, religious child. Happily, we began to pray:

Mommy & Daddy: “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest…”

David: “No! No! No!”

Daddy: “You don’t want to pray?”

David: “No! No! No!”

Mommy: “What do you want?”

David: “Wing a wing”

Mommy: “Huh?!?”

David: “WING A WING!”

Mommy: “Do you mean ring a ring?”

David: Happily nods his head in agreement

Mommy & Daddy: “What the heck is ring a ring?”

Holding hands.

Ring a ring.


David wanted to play Ring Around the Rosey in the middle of dinner.

He was thrilled that we finally figured out what he was trying to say, but he was less than thrilled when we refused to let him out of his booster seat in the middle of dinner.

I wonder if there are careers available for Toddler Translators?

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PBandJ said...

Peanut loves this game, too! He calls it "Fall Down" and comes up to us singing "fall down, fall down" when he wants us to play (usually at inconvenient tims).