Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is David’s friend, Woof. Woof was a gift from David’s godparents before he was born. They gave us this plush dog at our baby shower because their nephew had the same toy and it was his lovey.

Of all the toys, blankets, and stuffed animals that David owns, its adorable that he chose Woof to be his best friend. We never encouraged him to choose a lovey, so it was clearly fate that David and Woof found each other.

David takes Woof everywhere. They sleep together, eat together, play together, go to school together, go to church together, and ride in the car together. The only place Woof doesn’t go is into the bathtub, and that’s only because Mommy won’t let him. David even shares his food and toys with Woof, which is amazing, because David hates to share.

Since David loves Woof so much, Woof gets dirty quickly. Woof also gets sticky when David shares his french toast at breakfast. Evidentally, Woof likes pancake syrup just as much as David does.

Sometimes Woof needs to take a bath. Woof took a bath last Saturday. Mommy put him in the washer machine right after breakfast. We were having so much fun that she forgot to move him to the dryer right away. Daddy panicked at naptime when they couldn’t find Woof, but luckily, Woof was safe and dry. Close call!

Mommy and Daddy have often heard that wise parents keep a spare lovey in case of an emergency. They thought this was a good idea, so they asked David’s godmother where she bought it. She ordered it online because it was sold by Ty (the lovely folks that brought the world Beanie Babies) and it had been retired.

Mommy looked on Amazon and found him!

Only $99!

Mommy looked again and realized that the expensive Woof was the wrong color. The Woof in the correct color is also sold on Amazon.

Only $29!

Mommy is cheap, so Mommy looked on Ebay.

$19.99 and free shipping!


Now, does anyone have any suggestions for making the new Woof smell and look like the old Woof???

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Lynette said...

I love that you found a just-in-case replacement and especially the deal you found. Good job Dawn! I've tried to find replacements for Carson, but never have. Luckily he has added to his collection with other "lovies" so let's just hope none of those get lost or eaten by a dog.

Have a wonderful Christmas Dawn!