Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing the Future

My guys are sick this week and I feel so much sympathy as I watch them struggle to breathe and fight to sleep. Daddy and David both have bronchitis and have been taking antibiotics since Saturday.

I’m hoping their infections are bacterial and not viral, so this will be done and over with quickly. Their doctors warn that their infections could evolve into pneumonia, which Daddy had last year (although he didn’t tell me his diagnosis until months later. He only consented to a doctor visit after I nagged him for three weeks to go. Please note, normal flu does not last for three weeks)

The only thing worse than watching your family battle illness is knowing that you are the only healthy person left in the house to be attacked by their germs. I try to get more rest and eat well, but that’s hard to do when a screaming toddler finds his way into your bed at all hours of the night.

Its like facing the electric chair. Only 17 days until Christmas and these germs are stalking me!

Excuse me while I reach for what David likes to call, “Magic Soap.”


jeskates said...

wow- is this just a time for everyone to be sick?! GET WELL SOON!

Lynette said...

Ugh! I am sending healthy vibes your way.