Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Helper

I made the mistake of trying to pack away David’s baby clothes this weekend while he was awake. I decided it was time to put another round of clothing into storage when I opened a dresser drawer the other day while I was looking for nail clippers and I encountered an entire drawer devoted to baby bibs.

While I was packing up his baby bibs, tiny socks, and unbelievably adorable tiny outfits, he was doing some unpacking of his own.

He tried on his Halloween costume again…

Then he had a fit because I wouldn’t let him play with Mommy’s new Canon Powershot SX10

Then he demanded to wear a tiny bib and sit in his baby carrier…

No way Mommy’s putting that on her back with you in it, big boy!!


Lynette3boys said...

He's too cute! And thanks for the reminder - I need to go through my kids drawers too.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Adorable!!! especially the expression in the last pic! What a ham!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. As you can see, I am way behind in blog reading. another thing on my to-do list for the weekend!