Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Potty Training

It’s been ages since I participated in a Works for Me Wednesday, but I received some awesome potty training advice the other day, tried it for myself, and I am just aching to share this brilliant idea with you.

Little King David recently began attending a new daycare center. The center’s policy is that any child over the age of 2 years old wears Pull-Ups at school rather than diapers because they begin potty training after each child’s second birthday. David is 23 months at the moment, so his potty training adventure will begin very soon.

He seems to be very interested in all things related to the potty. He “helps” Mommy and Daddy go potty and Elmo’s Potty Time is his favorite movie at the moment. He asks for a diaper change immediately upon soiling it and he is always happy to tell me when he is going to poop.

The other day, a friend advised that every time he has a bowel movement, I should dump his poop into the potty and tell him that is where poop belongs. That sounds so disgusting that I knew he would love it.

Last night, he told me he was pooping, so we changed his diaper and I told him the big news. Poop goes in the potty. He looked stunned! I let him look at it in the diaper first. Although he said, “Ewww! Gross!” He really looked more curious and impressed with himself, but I pretended that he was grossed out.

We dumped the poop into the potty and David flushed, while waving “Bye Bye, poop!” Then, we washed his hands in the sink, just like we will do after he uses the toilet.

He loved it!

It was one of the grossest mom things I’ve had the pleasure of doing in the past two years, (or at least in recent memory), but I think David is looking forward to his next bowel movement!

I’ll keep you posted on the potty training progress. In the meantime, this is working for me!

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Lynette3boys said...

Hey - whatever it takes and if this works, more power to ya! Best of luck with this new adventure which sounds like it's starting off really well.

PBandJ said...

This is an awesome idea! I think we are going to try this, too. I think Peanut will love it.
As for the comment you left on my blog about the big boy bed: Paul has been sleeping on it since he was one, and it was only the fact that it was a race car that got him out of our bed (he never liked his crib). We were desperate to get him into his own bed and he loves cars, so this was perfect!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

wonderful advice! That helps eliminate the diaper pail smell too.

I am guessing that we'll start potty training with Ladybug this summer (her 2nd birthday is May 31). And yes, we are still breastfeeding! I want to follow her lead as much as I can in weaning. I know she still needs the comfort from me. And thankfully, she has only had two colds this winter - nothing that requires a dr's visit.

Have a great weekend!

Jenna said...

I will have to try this!! My son is 2almost 29 months, and shows only a slight interest in the potty chair. Maybe this will kick-start his training! Thank you.