Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did I Blink?

Since when is my little baby such a big boy? It seems like just yesterday he needed me for everything and his most impressive response to any question was “Yes.”

Now, he eats cereal in a bowl with milk and a spoon, he drinks from a cup without a lid, he opens the refrigerator by himself, finds the blueberries that I have hidden in the butter compartment, opens them and pours them into his snack cup. He brushes his teeth by himself, can turn on the water in the sink to wash his hands, and pretends to do bicep curls with my resistance band. He has a painfully accurate aim when throwing any ball (he’s a lefty, too!). He puts away his dirty laundry, tosses his dirty dishes into the kitchen sink, and loves to vacuum.

He suddenly speaks a zillion words and he likes to throw them out all at once. Last week, he could say “Yes.” This week, he says, “C’,mon, Mama. Get up and come here. I want this, please.” He also loves to say, “I do it! I big boy.”

How did this happen so quickly?

Who is this little man living in my house?

And where is my baby?

1 comment:

PBandJ said...

Whoa! I understand! The baby is gone :( Peanut loves all things big boy and I am sad. I just try to think of it as a new adventure everyday, and even though I am so pleased with all he has learned, sometimes I just want to hold him for hours again.