Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alexander's Heart

I love Wednesdays.

Wordless Wednesday is a perfect excuse to slack. I slap up a cute photo of the kid on my blog and resume my web-surfing without guilt. (other than the guilt of web-surfing at work while I’m getting paid to be working, but that is minor guilt.)

I posted my obligatory photo today and went about my business reading blogs while I munched my lunch at my desk. I was enjoying myself until I stumbled upon a link for this blog. After browsing for a few moments, I found myself consumed with grief and sobbing into my yogurt cup.

I understand that God gives us all trials because they help us grow closer to him. I understand that every life has a purpose. I understand that we all touch others around us, and we usually aren’t even aware of the impact we have on the world. Today, Alexander touched my world. I am in awe of the tremendous love his sister, Hailey, has for him and for others. I’m impressed by her desire to help others.

I think you’ll be impressed, too.

Go read her family’s story at her blog, Alexander’s Heart.

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