Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Evening To Remember

The sun was shining and a warm breeze was blowing yesterday afternoon as I left work. I took off my winter coat and cracked the windows as I raced down the freeway to pick up Baby from daycare. Could it be true that Spring is finally here?

We rushed home to cook dinner and eat quickly so we could spend some time outside. After a lot of coaxing and persuading, I convinced Daddy that we should take Baby to the playground for the first time. How excited would he be to sit on a swing for the very first time? It took a lot of restraint, but I left the camera at home.

By the time we got to the park, the clouds had rolled in and gale-force winds were whipping in from the lake. Our gorgeous day had turned gloomy and chilly. Baby gasped for air as the wind smacked him in the face. We couldn’t give up. We took Baby to the swing-set and placed him in the baby seat. He clung to the chains with all his might. Daddy gave him one strong push and a look of terror spread across Baby’s face. He was too afraid to even cry.

Baby was afraid of the swing.

After a couple of minutes, it became evident that Baby was not having fun and wouldn’t be warming up to this experience. We decided that he might be more eager to play on the playground after he had a chance to watch the other kids playing, but it was too cold to hang out. We got back into the minivan and headed home.

You would think this outing was ruined, but Baby ultimately had the time of his life.

We parked the minivan in the garage and Daddy was going to move his cargo van into the driveway for the night. Baby loves to watch Daddy park because his van beeps when he drives in reverse. If Baby sees the van parked on the street, he will wait patiently at the picture window in the living room, hoping to see the van move.

On this special night, Daddy invited Mommy and Baby for a ride INSIDE the van. We all hopped in and drove from the curb to the driveway. Baby was ecstatic! He got to hear the beeping sound from inside the van, he was allowed to adjust the heat and air conditioning controls, he was allowed to change the radio stations, he played with the GPS antenna, he unplugged Daddy’s cell phone charger, he opened and closed the ashtray, and he scattered Daddy’s important papers.

It was one of the most exciting outings Baby has ever had!

If only we were so satisfied by the simple things in life…

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Heather said...

What a wonderful lesson in expectations! We expect to find joy in one thing, yet when it eludes us, we can still find it in the simple things.

I'm so glad Baby found joy in the van!