Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sad Monday Moment

I had a sad realization recently and it has been haunting me all day.

Over the weekend, we were using our new Table Topics Family Edition game at dinner and we each pondered the question, “What do you like least and most about your life?”

My answer was that I don’t like working full-time because it puts so much stress and pressure on the entire family. If I worked part-time, or even as much as 32 hours per week, I could have an entire day to devote to cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and errands. I’m realistic enough to know that I’d never get everything done in one day, but it would take a lot of pressure off of us. We would spend less time on the weekend cleaning up from the week that passed and getting ready for the week ahead.

As if I wasn’t depressed enough, I went to Target today during my lunch hour to find a new pair of black pumps. You would think that would be simple enough, but I’ve already been to 4 stores trying to find a replacement for the black pumps that broke last week and I can’t find anything. Anyway, I was jogging through the store so I could get back to my desk before my boss noticed I was gone, and I was shocked by what I saw.

There were moms strolling around the store. Shopping on a weekday. Babies and toddlers sleeping in shopping carts. Young ladies leisurely browsing through racks and shelves. Getting their chores done in the middle of the week.

I’m realistic enough to know that being a SAHM is a stressful and often unappreciated role. I know there are days when the kids are driving you crazy or you just want to go potty alone. I do like going to work and having my own space.

I just need 8 hours a week to myself.

If you stumble upon my ideal 32-hour-per-week job and you don’t snatch it up for yourself, please let me know.

I miss my family.


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

one of my BFFs said the same thing last winter after her 2nd child was born and she had to go back to work after maternity leave. She hated working all week, then using most of the weekend doing laundry and household chores instead of enjoying her family.

She went to her boss and asked for a reduced work week. She now works Monday-Thursday, and LOVES it! Her work load didn't reduce so she scrambles to complete everything in less time. but she loves having that extra day.

I pray that God opens a door for you. {{Hugs}}

PBandJ said...

I work three 12 hour days one week and three 12's and an 8 the next week. It adds up to 80 hours per pay period, but I get three or four days off each week. Maybe there is a way to lengthen your days so you can have one more off. It makes for long days at work, but the days off are so worth it!