Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Self Exploration

I’m taking a Career Exploration & Planning course this fall because I’m trying to use as much of my annual tuition reimbursement benefits as I possibly can. I love this class because it’s all about me, so the answers aren’t in a textbook (and I can’t be wrong.)

I recently completed an assignment on self exploration. My first task was to use five words to describe myself.

My first thoughts were anal, controlling, bossy, insecure, detail-oriented, perfectionist. But then I realized that I’m probably meant to focus on positive qualities, so I tried to put a positive spin on that.

I eventually came up with a list that included:

and focused.

That sounds better.

The next step in the assignment was to ask two people close to me to use three words to describe me. Then I was to compare their answers to my answers and decide if the results were what I expected or surprising.

My husband said I am caring, loving and beautiful.

My co-worker said I am caring, poised and humanistic.

My initial thoughts focused on all my negative characteristics that I like least about myself, but this assignment helped me to see a glimpse of what the world sees when they look at me. It lifted my spirits to hear these encouraging words.

I want you to have a great day, too. I want your day to be filled with encouraging words, so if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged with this “Dawn Meme.” Your assignment is to describe yourself in five words. Then, ask two other people to describe you in three words. Compare the answers and look at yourself from a new perspective today.

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