Monday, October 13, 2008


We have been far too busy lately that it has been ages since we enjoyed some relaxing, quality family time. We finally took a few moments this weekend to create some family memories and I’m so thankful that we did.

We took the boy to the Family Fun Fest at Patterson’s Fruit Farm this weekend. We actually went twice because our first attempt featured a missing camera (now found), a car window that fell off the track, and a missed turn that took us 15 miles in the wrong direction. We arrived with less than an hour to play, so we decided to return on Sunday.

Our second trip was much more rewarding. Little King David was thrilled by the hayride, enjoyed a romp in the hay, ran through the corn maze, climbed the treehouse, slid down the slide a zillion times, drank 12 ounces of apple cider in less than 5 minutes, and ate four entire apples (seeds and all!) He played in the miniature cabin and the sandbox, and cried when we wouldn’t buy him a toy tractor at the Apple Barn store.

We ate hot dogs for dinner on our way home. Later that night, David carved his first jack-o-lantern.

Finally, this is what family life is meant to be!!


PBandJ said...

How sweet! I think LKD is so precious riding on that little tractor. I think we'll be finding out how Peanut fares at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend. Hooray for family time!

Lynette said...

That place looks awesome for kids. I am going to have to check it out. Glad you all got to have a fun family weekend together.