Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vacation Planning

I’m not sure if I’ve turned over a new leaf or if I finally lost my marbles. I just realized that we are leaving for vacation in Cancun in less than three weeks. In the old days, I would have been packed already, researched all the available activities, planned a tentative schedule for each day of vacation and made multiple copies of our itinerary to leave with our emergency contacts. Today, I just realized that we are going on vacation very soon.

I’d like to say this is because I have changed, but I really think I’m just as anal as I have ever been but have less time to be as organized as I feel compelled to be.

In an effort to save my reputation, I’ve spent the morning preparing a packing list, ordering swim diapers from Amazon.com (I don’t know why I can’t find them in Ohio in October, duh!), and researching, researching, researching the resort we are going to.

Which creates my dilemma. We are taking Little King David with us for several reasons.

1. He has never been away from us overnight. Although he would probably love it, hubby and I are way too overprotective to let him spend his first night away from home while we vacation in another country.
2. Since he is under 2 years old, we only paid $10 in taxes and fees for him to go with us. No airfare costs and no cost to stay at the resort. There will never be another time in his life that will let him travel so cheaply, so we can’t miss this opportunity.

Then, we realized that we are taking the tantrums with us. And the nap schedule. And the early bedtime.

We rationalized that we would hire a sitter at the resort. Hubby even suggested finding another family with kids his age at the resort and swapping babysitting with them. Then we realized that these people are all strangers and we freaked out.

Fortunately, we did learn today that the age limits for the Kids’ Club has recently changed from ages 4-12 to ages 1-12. That means that we could leave David there while we eat a meal alone.

Would you do it? Am I an overprotective, psycho-mom to be having second thoughts about this?

I’m really tempted because we REALLY need some time alone, but I feel a little guilty, too. What would you do?


Lynette said...

I, like yourself, am preparing for our vacation which is only 6 days away - CRAP! How did it sneak up on us so fast? No kids will be coming with us - Thank goodness! Not that I won't miss them to death, but hubby and I NEED this vacation. So as far as your dilemma goes, that's a really tough call. I am sure you will completely check it out before you decide and you will most likely be put at ease. Hopefully!

PBandJ said...

Peanut has never spent the night away from us either. I am sure he would be fine, but I would not be fine. I would consider leaving him alone while we ate, but only if we were close by in the same building (like in the next room) and they could absolutely guarantee his complete safety. I would probably be worried throughout the entire meal and just end up talking about him the entire time, so he might as well be with us...

Anonymous said...

I would totally leave my kids in the resort camp or daycare. Of course if when you get there you get "that" feeling, dont do it. But if it looks good, people are nice, kids are smiling and having fun, I say go for it.