Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daddy To The Rescue

Baby has had his fair share of ouchies in his short life. At least a couple of times a day, he falls on his butt or hits his head on the floor, a chair, the kitchen table, a toy, or anything else that might be in his path. Just this morning, a preschooler stepped on his hand at daycare as he was crawling around where he shouldn’t have been.

But we’ve never seen blood before.

Until last night.

Baby was pulling himself up on the end table to get a better look at our pet rat, Mickey. Baby loves to watch Mickey. Mickey’s habitat is on the only table that we have left in the living room. All of the other end tables and the coffee table were removed as soon as Baby was born so the world would be safe for him. Naturally, Baby is drawn to that only remaining table.

As he stood up against the table, his socks slipped on the hardwood floors, and he fell down. His face hit the table leg on his way to the floor. Mommy was only two steps away, so she calmly picked him up to offer a big cuddle.

Then she saw the blood in his mouth.

Mommy ran frantically into the kitchen where Daddy was washing dishes (that’s right, ladies. He washes the dishes and he’s MINE). By this time, there was blood all over Baby’s face and hands. There was blood all over Mommy’s sweater. Mommy and Baby were frantic.

Very calmly, Daddy got a washcloth and started wiping the blood from Baby’s mouth. Being the genius that he is, Daddy got a small flashlight to examine Baby’s cut. Baby was so fascinated by the flashlight that he forgot all about the blood.

In the end, Baby was fine. He didn’t need stitches and he came away from the whole incident with only a swollen lip.

And if Mommy didn’t love Daddy the most in that moment when he calmly reassured her that Baby would be fine, she loved him even more when he later admitted that his hands were trembling and his heart was racing at the very thought that his Little Buddy could need stitches.

There is nothing in this world that is sexier than a man that loves your baby just as much as you do.

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Heather said...

Yay, Daddy! And you are so right. Nothing's hotter than my man snuggling with our Ladybug. What blessed mommies we are!