Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Name is Dawn and I’m an Addict

It seems silly to me that after all this time I’m still hiding behind my anime avatar. Granted, she does have perfect hair and wide, bright eyes, which are two things that I don’t have most days. Evidently, sleep deprivation and personal hygiene just don’t mix well together.

I suddenly feel a need to be totally and completely honest with both of the people that are reading my blog regularly (that would be you and me). So, wouldn’t it be a good idea if there were a picture of Mommy on this blog?

I got this brilliant idea last night as I was browsing through our family photo collection. My Dad and his wife bought Baby a Baby’s First Photo Album for his birthday. Since they are flying from Florida, they had it shipped to our house and I’ll add photos of Baby’s family before I wrap it up for his party. I was browsing through our photos last night trying to pick a good picture of Mommy and Daddy together that we could add to Baby’s album and I actually found a good photo of me. This photo was taken the day after Baby was conceived. Mommy and Daddy were on vacation in Portland, Oregon. It was the best week of our married lives and it only seems appropriate that Baby is a souvenir of that trip.

So in an effort to be more honest and less anonymous, I am changing my profile picture to an actual photo of myself.

My skinny self.

The way I remember myself before Baby added 20 pounds and 200 stretch marks to my midsection.

The way I still look in my mind.

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Heather said...

Great pic, Dawn! And those 200 stretch marks are just PROOF of your baby addiction!