Friday, February 15, 2008

The Last First Holiday

Yesterday was Baby’s first Valentine’s Day. It was also Baby’s last first holiday. Every holiday for the rest of his life will be a day he has already celebrated. Mommy is such a sentimental fool!

In celebration of his Last First Holiday, Mommy absolutely couldn’t resist buying him the appropriate My First Valentine’s Day bib. Daddy was quick to point out that Baby doesn’t wear bibs for drooling anymore and that the bib would probably never be worn, just like the My First Christmas bib that Mommy bought that is still hanging in Baby’s closet with the original tags on it.

To prove him wrong, Mommy posed Baby for some photos in his bib. Now she can justify the expense and Mommy and Daddy have genuine Valentine photos to cherish.

Mommy also got the Thumb in the photo. This photo serves the dual purpose of validating the purchase of the Valentine bib and documenting the state of the Thumb. Despite several daily applications of Lansinoh and Vitamin E Oil and the protection of Baby’s puppy mitten at naptime and bedtime, the kid is still finding time to mutilate himself. .

At least now I can prove that I’m not making up this drama just to fill my blog. Evidently, Thumb Sucker’s Dermatitis is a very real condition. Bet you didn’t know that!

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