Monday, February 25, 2008

Rest In Pieces

So, this is what death feels like.

I have given up coffee.

I wish I could say that I gave up coffee as self-denial for Lent, but I am not that strong. I wish I could brag that I gave up coffee willingly, but I am not that strong.

I gave up coffee for Baby.


Baby is not a sleeper. When all the babies were lined up in heaven, waiting for God to bestow upon them all the characteristics and virtues that they would need to be successful mortals, Baby skipped the table where little ones sign up to be sleepers. He grabbed a little extra charm and cuteness to get his parents through the long, sleepless days and nights and went on his merry way.

After almost a year of fighting this child to sleep, Daddy suggested recently that maybe Baby has trouble falling asleep because Mommy is addicted to caffeine.

Ridiculous accusations!!

Preposterous lunacy!!

Undeniably reasonable explanation!!

Darn it!!!

So this is Day #2 of the Caffeine Experiment.

Can you believe that the rotten Baby drifted off to sleep in less than 20 minutes last night???

I think he is on Daddy’s team.


Heather said...

It's so amazing how what we put into our bodies affects our little ones, isn't it? I am usually very careful to avoid caffeine (although I do love coffee), but on the odd occassion that I have iced tea, Ladybug gets all ramped up.

Good for you for putting Baby's sleep before your (other) addiction! I know it's tough - been there!

mamatutwo said...

I'm sure there must be some other explanation!

Love your bf ticker! Congratulations on the length of time that you've been breastfeeding. We think alike!