Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I got this email message from baby.com today:

Here's To Firsts

The first joyous news • The first midnight cravings • The first sonogram photo on the refrigerator • The first time you look in his eyes and know you’re no longer number one • The first night at home • The first funny little smile • The first time he sleeps through the night (Hallelujah!) • The first laugh • The first crawl • The first stumbling steps • The first time she says "Ma…ma…ma…mama" • The first love pat • The first kiss • The first time you realize that — no matter how well you’ve prepared — you’re never quite ready.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Very funny.

Who is sleeping through the night?

Thanks for taking the opportunity to rub it in my sleep-deprived, mascara-smeared face!

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Heather said...

Our La Leche leader always reminds us that "sleeping thru the night" is defined as 5 hours at a stretch. So if Baby is sleeping 5 or more hours in a row, you can claim that he sleeps thru the night.

I don't know if that helps, but maybe thru the sleep deprived fog it makes some sense!