Thursday, January 3, 2008

13 Resolutions

In 2008, I will...














I will take the time to listen with the intent to truly understand what people are sharing with me. I will take a moment to consider how other people are feeling and try to see the world with their eyes. In this way, I will learn more about the people that I love and hate. I will thank the people that support me despite my tendency to take their efforts for granted.

I will shrink as I leave my pregnancy weight in my past. I will exercise for my physical and mental health. I will clean and organize my house. I will stop procrastinating and finish each chore or project that I start.

I will share what is on my mind and in my heart. I won’t keep my feelings inside until I’m too angry to fix my problems.

I will write to those that are in my heart but far away from me.

I will love as much as I can love without reservation or hesitation and I’ll proclaim it as often as I can.

In 2008, I will be the woman that I can and should be. I’ll be the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that I have the potential to be.
Thank you, God, for another year and another opportunity.


Head Gaggler said...

Those are great goals. I am with you on the baby weight. Need to get back to moving to take it off.

Anna said...

Me too. I need to shed off the excess post-baby flab. Happy New Year!

mom huebert said...

Very nice. I cheer you in your efforts.

I've been working on sharing too: it's so easy to wait till I'm very angry to say something, and I've made a commitment to not be so "nice," but to say something right away when I'm bugged. It avoids an eruption later!

Sassy Lucy said...

Wonderful goals, and so well written. I also posted goals for 2008 as my theme this week.

Nicholas said...

Have a wonderful 2008!

Miranda said...

Great list. Good luck with 2008!

Happy TT!