Thursday, January 17, 2008

On My Mind, Vol. 2

Now that we’ve been writing tuition checks for daycare for the past eight months, I’ve found that parting with that cash isn’t as painful as it used to be. I’ve stopped thinking of it as the equivalent of a mortgage payment and started thinking of it as just another bill that needs to be paid. In all fairness, I also stopped paying tuition a month in advance because that check was just too huge to hand over.

Evidently, we’re not the only family suffering from sticker shock. It’s getting harder and harder for most families to maintain a middle-class lifestyle in America. So much has changed since we were kids, I wonder what economic challenges our own children will face when they raise their families?

Speaking of middle-class lifestyles, I’m sure we could save tons of money each year on mortgage payments if we did this.

On second thought, I don’t feel I am too demanding with my expectations to live in a house. My husband likes living in a house, too. It’s important in a marriage to consider the needs and desires of both partners. Maybe someone should remind this bride that she’s not her own soulmate.

Even if you’re not narcissistic and selfish, every marriage requires maintenance. Get a weekly tune-up here.

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