Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Baby had a bad day yesterday. Mommy and Daddy were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and they weren’t paying attention to him at all. Yes, they are very rude and inconsiderate, but Baby sure told them a thing or two.

After listening to 15 minutes of incessant whining, Mommy and Daddy decided to bundle up Baby and take him outside to take out the garbage. They had desperate hopes that a change of scenery would distract him.

Mommy laid Baby on the kitchen table to restrain him in his snowsuit. As expected, Baby tried to grab the silk flowers in the lead crystal vase on the table. Instead of grabbing a flower, as usual, Baby had the good fortune of grabbing the vase. Silk flowers and shiny glass beads scattered throughout the room. How exciting!

As the weary family finally trudged out the door, Baby instantly calmed. He looked at the snow. He looked at the streetlights. He looked at the stars. He watched cars driving by on the street. He watched Mommy and Daddy drag garbage cans from the garage to the curb. How exciting!

Baby watched intently as Daddy scooped snow into his hands. He held up the snow for Baby to feel. Baby screeched in terror and buried his face in Mommy’s shoulder. When he heard Mommy and Daddy laughing at him, Baby peeked out. He watched Daddy taste the snow. He watched Mommy taste the snow. Daddy offered the snow to Baby again.

Baby took a bite. A big, greedy bite.

OUCH!!!!! That’s cold.

Baby was right.

Snow is scary.

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Heather said...

Great post! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. I'm not as organized as you might think. I didn't decide what to give away until Monday afternoon. And I'll have the cookbook shipped directly from Amazon to the winner. Click, click, I'm done. Not organized, but sometimes I do use what is left of my brain!

We obviously don't live near each other (no snow here in, like, 12 years). Otherwise, I'd have to invite you over for coffee. You make my day!