Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daddy: The New Baby Addict

Although my husband loves me unconditionally, I’m fairly confident that he would eagerly admit to you that one of my faults is that I simply can not be on time to anyplace that requires me to get out of bed.

I love to sleep. I love to sleep so much that I dream about napping. I love to sleep so much that I slept during labor when my contractions were only 45 seconds apart, and I didn’t even have an epidural!

Naturally, any person that loves to sleep as much as I do would be severely disturbed to hear the harsh buzz of an alarm clock. You can imagine how pleasant I am NOT in the morning.

Despite these faults, I really, really, really do try to get to work on time. I wasn’t very good at this before I was a Mom, so you can also imagine how much more challenging this is when you add an additional body to feed and dress, and let’s throw in a stop at the daycare center on the way to work, too.

Since I work for a very nice lady that doesn’t have any children, dedicates her entire life to work, and shows up at the office before anyone else gets there, you can imagine how understanding she is NOT when I am late more often than I am prompt. Sorry, I know your imagination is getting a little tired at this point, but I needed to paint this picture for you. It’s very important to the moral of my story.

This morning, I had great intentions to get up as soon as my alarm clock went off the FIRST time. Well, I hit the snooze. In my defense, Baby woke up shortly after that first alarm, so technically I did get out of bed to nurse Baby at the time I should have been getting out of bed. The only problem is that I should have been in the shower…

No problem, just wash a little faster, dress like a cyclone, spray a cloud of hairspray at my head while digging through my closet floor for matching shoes, and VOILA! Mommy is ready for work!

Baby is a piece of cake because we have his morning routine down to a science. Peel off the pajamas, change the diaper, dress, wash the face, brush the teeth, brush the hair, and VOILA! Baby is ready! (Note: this works much better if you sing the details of every step because Baby mistakenly thinks it is dance time instead of get-ready-for-daycare time, so he is much more cooperative).

Now, Mommy and Baby are ready to leave.

Is Daddy ready?

Just a minute. Daddy needs a morning cuddle from Baby.

Just a minute. Daddy needs a nibble of Baby’s neck.

Just a minute. Daddy needs to tickle Baby’s belly.

Just a minute. Daddy needs to scratch Baby with his beard.

Surprisingly, I was late for work this morning.

I could blame Daddy. I could rant and rave about how I try so hard to be on time for work. I could rant and rave about how I just need a little cooperation from everyone to make this working mom gig work. I could rant and rave on and on and on.

But I won’t.

Because at the end of the day, my husband is a blessing in my life and an answer to my prayers. I always dreamed that my children would have a father that would stop the whole world just to love them. And my husband does.

We’re a match made in heaven because he is a baby addict, too.


Heather said...

So sweet! My hubby is a baby addict too!

Thanks for your sweet e-mail. Yes, I agree, God gives us the opportunities that we have to provide for our families. What a wonderful God we serve!

Have a blessed day! And get your Baby snuggles when you pick him up at daycare today!

Daddy Forever said...

I can't believe you slept during labor. You really do like to sleep.