Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strike A Pose

In appropriate baby-addict fashion, I am obsessed with taking pictures of Baby. I’m convinced that if I don’t take at least a hundred pictures of Baby each month, there will come a time when I forget what he looked like when he was Mama’s Little Love. The mere thought of that scenario is absolutely terrifying, so Baby is often subjected to the harsh light of the flash on my Sony Cybershot digital camera.

In the beginning, Baby was oblivious. Since he was still trying to figure out the difference between night and day, the intermittent bursts of light from the camera flash didn’t alarm him.

Over time, Baby discovered that he was able to smile and Mommy loves smiles.

As Baby grew older, he could sit all by himself, which made for beautifully posed photographs.

Now, Baby has a mind of his own and is determined not to let Mommy have any memorable photos of winter 2008.

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Heather said...

He is a heart breaker, isn't he? What a cutie! I take tons of pics of our little one too. Do you have any pics of him nursing (from your vantage point, not someone else's)? Those pictures will be precious to me for years to come. I always want to remember those moments.