Friday, January 4, 2008

On My Mind, Vol. 1

If you’re curious to know what is rattling around in my Mommy Brain right now, here it is:

We are still in teething hell right now, with no end in sight. One small comfort we can’t live without is the Razberry Teether by Razbaby and you can get your very own right here.

Baby is 10 months old this Saturday, so it’s time for me to start obsessing about where to send him to Kindergarten. In my defense, we know that the schools in our neighborhood are not the best, so we will probably move before he starts school. If you’re as anal as I am or just curious about how your school district compares to others around the country, check this out.

We’ve all heard stories of young kids saving their parents’ lives by dialing 911 or pressing the OnStar button after a crash, but this kid is amazing. As Yoda would say, “Brave son, he is.”

My only other thought is Thank God It's Friday.

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Amy said...

Isn't it funny how early you start thinking about schools? I thought about that a lot when my son was only one. We are waiting to hear back from our choice school and are hoping that he will get in. Fingers crossed!