Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flush Flush

There is an unspoken rule that every home improvement project must include an unexpected glitch. My Dad would call it Murphy’s Law, but I’ll call it Just My Luck.

We’ve been ripping tile out of our only bathroom for the past week in a desperate effort to have everything demolished before our contractor arrives to begin work on Thursday. We needed to save a little cash on this project, so we thought ripping out some tile would be easy enough to do ourselves.

If you’re done laughing at me now, I’ll tell you how the project is going in reality. The tiles popped off the wall in the blink of an eye. The floor tiles were a little bit harder to get off and we damaged some concrete underneath them with our overzealous use of hammers and crowbars.

Once we got the concrete off the floor, we discovered that one of the floorboards is damaged and has to be replaced. We were very happy to find the weak floorboard, because we were worried that we destroyed the concrete for nothing.

Last night, the contractor stopped by just to review the work that would begin on Thursday. The original plan was that the remodel would take three days and we knew that we wouldn’t have the use of our shower during that time. We planned to take showers at the YMCA (finally using that gym membership!) We would be able to use the toilet every night, but would need to go to the library or gas station to tinkle during the day.

Well, now that the concrete has to be replaced on the floor, we will not be able to walk into the bathroom for three days.

No toilet.

At all.

Three days.

I’m looking for hotel rooms on Priceline right now…

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Oh my word, Dawn! Get thee to a hotel! NOW!!!