Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving Up

As I get ready for Fall Semester at school for the degree program that I should have finished five years ago, my Little King David is getting ready for big changes, too. He is moving up to the Toddler Room at daycare.

Initially, I was terrified by the thought that my little darling baby wouldn’t be in the baby room anymore. He has a unique bond with his teacher and I am wise enough to realize what a blessing that has been for us. He has flourished under her loving care and the extra attention she lavishes on him. I was nervous about the transition because I don’t know the toddler room teacher at all. She comes to work after I drop him off and leaves work before I pick him up. I love to talk to his teacher in the morning and in the afternoon. Although I’m not with him all day, I like knowing all the little details of his life away from home.

Despite my trepidation, I have realized that he is ready to make this transition. He needs to play outside everyday and he needs interaction with kids that can talk and walk and hit and bite. He wants to sit on the big-boy chairs and sleep 0n a cot rather than in a crib. He needs to watch the big kids go potty and wash their hands so he will want to be just like them. He needs to finger paint and play games and enjoy story time.

He is ready to move up and I think Mommy is ready, too.

Remind me of that next week when he brings home his first finger-painting and I cry all over it!

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