Monday, August 18, 2008

The Little Comforts

As the bathroom remodel continues at an agonizing snail-like pace, we have decided to spend the next couple of days in a motel. I can (barely) endure not having a functioning shower in the house, but I can’t live without a toilet. After a couple of days of showering at the YMCA, I’m ready to have my own personal shower. Besides, I think the YMCA staff are beginning to think that we are homeless. We go into the locker room, come out with wet hair, and the pool is closed. We’ve earned a few curious glances from the folks at the front desk.

We’ve made reservations at Motel 6 because Priceline hates me, or in other words, they wouldn’t accept any of my bids on a really comfortable hotel for a ridiculously low price. I suppose my expectations are a little high, but considering that we got a room at the Marriott in Pittsburgh for $29 per night back in November, you can understand why I was so optimistic about getting a great room at a cheap price.

I am hopeful that Motel 6 will be a good compromise. The hotel is less than a year old, so it shouldn’t be too filthy yet. Besides cleanliness, my other major worry is that Little King David hasn’t slept in a hotel room since he was nine months old. He is slightly less easy going now than he was then, so I wonder how well he will sleep in his Pack-N-Play. I’m also concerned because he just started sleeping through the night (finally, after seventeen long months!). I really don’t want to jeopardize his new sleep routine.

Tune in tomorrow for a hopefully uneventful and boring post about how our hotel room was immaculately clean and why I didn’t have to karate chop the front desk staff like a Jackie Chan body double.


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on, with the bathroom and jury duty. Sounds like good blog fodder!

Lynette said...

I hope it all goes well with the motel stay. I love your line about the staff at the Y thinking you're homeless. Funny stuff. If you were west of the city I'd offer you our finished basement, but then again - no bathroom down there. Looks like your best bet is Motel 6. Hope they leave the light on for you.