Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Plans

I had such high hopes for a relaxing weekend, but again my hopes have been dashed by reality.

Of course, the bathroom is still an ongoing disaster. The remodeling project that we planned to have done by Saturday night probably won't be done until Wednesday of next week. We have a toilet for now, but we're showering at the YMCA. I'd love to say that its really not so bad, but it really is bad. Just ask Skywalker how devastating it was to see that naked old lady in the shower room last night.

We'll probably be staying at a hotel next week for a couple of days while the bathroom floor is being laid, but for now, we can still enjoy the comforts of our own beds at night.

I was hoping that we might get out for a couple of hours and visit the Feast of the Assumption festival in Little Italy as I have a wicked craving for Cannoli, but Little King David and Hubby are sick. I think it's fairly rude of them to have a cold in the middle of the summer, but what can we do? They don't look like they are in the mood to go anywhere.

At least I won't be bored. There is still plenty of laundry to be done!

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Lynette said...

I say let the two sickies take care of each other and you go enjoy yourself at the festival. It sounds like you deserve it! We're heading into the city today as well. It's going to be a beautiful day.