Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Big Boy Chair

I’m so excited about my new big boy chair that I wanted to tell you all about it right away. I’m sure my Mama has told you that I’m almost 18 months old, so you realize that I am a big boy now. I just started going to the toddler class at school and I noticed that all the big kids sit in little people chairs. We don’t have any highchairs in my new classroom and I really like the freedom I have in the little people chairs.

I thought it might be a good idea to act like a big boy at home, too, since it’s so much fun at school, so I won’t sit in my highchair anymore. I tried sitting on the big people chairs in our kitchen, but I’m not big enough. I like to sit with my back against the chair, but I also want my feet to dangle off the front. I’m too short to do both at the same time and that makes me so mad!

Mama and Daddy understood my dilemma, so they bought me a little big boy chair of my very own. My new chair buckles to the big people chair and I love buckles. The chair is just the perfect height to slide under the table, so I can eat there with my family. My booster seat also has a tray with a removable plate. The removable plate is really cool because it’s easy to clean when I eat something messy, like pancakes with dipping syrup. I love to dip but I make a big mess.

Mama and Daddy complain about the tray a lot because it’s really hard to get on and get off. It’s bad because they make a mess trying to get me out of my chair, but it’s good because I can’t take the tray off all by myself like I did when I sat in my highchair.

Now that I’m a big boy that sits at the table, I have a new big boy chore. After dinner, I collect all of the placemats and I put them away in the drawer. I ball them up really small because they fit inside the drawer better and Mama loves all the little wrinkles it makes. She is really proud of me for being a big helper!

I just wanted to tell you that I really love my big boy chair. It’s not perfect, but I’m really glad I have it!

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