Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tipping The Scales

I have to think about something other than my bathroom disaster right now, so let’s talk about my weight. Doesn’t that sound like a fun, interesting, exciting, relaxing topic to be discussing in public on my blog? I thought so, too!

Obviously, I gained a couple of pounds when I had a baby. I still blame him for the weight, but I really don’t want to be that mother that is dropping off my kid at kindergarten and still whining that I just had a baby, so please forgive my muffin top jeans. It’s been 18 months since I’ve had my body all to myself, so it’s about time to lose the baby weight.

I found some awesome motivation at the My Virtual Model website. It allows me to see what I looked like before, what I look like now, and what I’d like to look like when I reach my weight goals.

This is what I looked like after David was born (there isn’t an option to add stretch marks, so just imagine that you see them all over my stomach.)
This is what I look like today after losing 28 pounds.
This is what I’d love to look like by the time we go on our prize vacation to Punta Cana in November. My goal is to lose ten pounds by November 1. I know I need to lose more than that to be at my ideal weight, but I also realize that I need to set a goal that is realistic. To motivate me to hide my Godiva chocolate and put on my running shoes, I’m using the free Fit Day website to track my progress. I’m also telling you about my plans so you can shame me into losing weight.

I’ll keep you posted!!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

The bad thing about the virtual models is that they don't take into account nursing ta-tas. There's nothing "medium-large" about mine! I'm just sayin'!

Your model for Nov 1st looks awesome! I hope you can stick with it!

PBandJ said...

You'll get there! Don't give up and try not to get discouraged. I am working on my own goal for November and the hardest thing about it is trying to keep my chin up when the scale does not go anywhere (or even up a little). That model is really cool, by the way!

Lynette said...

I think when you verbalize (and better yet do it on your blog) you are more prone to follow through. I am cheering you on all the way. I know you can do it!