Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

There is a makeover update in the very near future, but I have to devote my blog post today to reliving my mother’s day celebration. This blog was intended to be all about the kid, remember?

Last year, I celebrated by getting pooped on first thing in the morning and I nursed David in public for the first time. The poop was disturbing because it happened after I dressed David in his fancy church outfit and the public nursing was disturbing because it occurred in a restaurant and my mother-in-law was there. I am not at all shy about nursing in public now, but I’ve grown a lot in the past twelve months. And my mother-in-law usually isn’t watching me.

Given the events of my first mother’s day, I assumed this year would be better. I was right!

My boys started the day by giving me gifts in bed. (don’t worry, this is a G-rated blog). David gave me a musical greeting card that played You Are My Sunshine. This brought a tear to my eye since it reminded me of those early days when I sang to David while he nursed. I was so impressed that Hubby remembered those moments, too!

David and Daddy also gave me my very first pair of diamond earrings. They’re beautiful!

By my standards, this is an indescribably thoughtful and extravagant gift. I’m the type of girl that buys her clothing at thrift stores and generally asks for practical kitchen appliances for Christmas. I always dreamed of getting jewelry, but I would never ask Hubby to spend that much money on me. We could be using that cash to remodel the bathroom.

I’m so glad he splurged this year. I feel so special!

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Heather said...

What a FABULOUS gift!!!! I got chocolate and a new earpiece for my cell phone.