Monday, May 5, 2008

What Was I Thinking?!!?

First of all, thank you so much to all of my devoted readers (both of you) for voting for me in the Mother’s Day Makeover Contest.

Second of all, why didn’t ya’ll stop me from doing something so reckless and potentially embarrassing?

I suppose you wouldn’t know from reading my blog that I am a relatively shy person. I’ve come a long way in my social development from the days in middle school where I was too petrified to open my mouth and speak in Sunday School class. I couldn’t even say hello without breaking out in a cold sweat.

I chilled out a little bit in high school when I finally realized that no one was really paying attention to me. College was a little easier since I was working as a waitress and folks simply expect their waitress to talk to them. That’s where I met my husband, and my social life just blossomed from there. Hubby is the kind of guy that meets someone in the grocery store and you would swear that they were long-lost childhood buddies. It’s like the thought never occurred to him that someone might not like him, so he never worries about whether or not people like him. I am so envious of his social finesse!

I’ve enjoyed many years of hubby-assisted social life, but I still get a little nervous about chatting with friends spontaneously on the phone or going out to dinner with other moms.

And now I have willingly entered myself in a contest that will require me to make an appearance on local television during a live broadcast.

Either I have experienced a period of remarkable personal growth or I had a temporary lapse of reason.

Pray for me tomorrow at 10:00am that I’ll get through this without saying something stupid. Then stayed tuned for the results of the contest!


Heather said...

Just be yourself. That's hard when cameras are pointing at you, but you'll be fine!!

Melissa said...

Yikes, public speaking? Good luck tomorrow!!

Amber said...

What a great opportunity...I really want to see the results...I need to start "fighting the frump".